Inspire vs Baron Rivendare

A page from the diary of one our guildies…

“We went on a mission, 4 and a half brave members (gnomes are way too short to be count as 1) travelled with high expectations to the streets of Stratholme. While preparing with a nice jug of ale at the inn of Goldshire we overheard some travellers talk about the terror and danger lurking in the streets of Stratholme, so we were warned. When we arrived it was beyond our expectations. The streets were filled with evil gargoyles, ugly banshees and biting ghouls. It was terrible! But we couldn’t return, we had a mission to fulfil, we had to kill Baron Rivendare to restore the peace to Stratholme once again!

It all started by clearing the three ziggurats. It was a tough start, the three ziggurats were all guarded by their own guardian...

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Guild Master Introduction

Now that the game has been live for about a week, I think the time has come to introduce myself and the philosophy behind the guild.

My story of WoW begins over 15 years ago, when I was (mainly) playing a game called Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. On September 2nd 2001, Blizzard announced the development of a new game, called World of Warcraft. My clan mates (WC3 had clans) and myself obviously became very curious about this game. How cool it must be to walk around in a 3D world, instead of looking at a top-down view.

Somehow we managed to get a hold of the pre-alpha version of WoW where there was nothing to do besides running around the world. No enemies, no NPCs, just running around in this vast unknown world.
Fast-forward a bit and we all got into the US beta for World of Warcraft...

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<Inspire> is born!

It finally happened. After months, for some even years of waiting, Classic World of Warcraft released at midnight on the 26th of August. I even managed to get a couple of hours kip in after dinner and was ready and hyped!
We were able to stay in the character creation screen for most of the evening without getting disconnected and when the clock hit 00:00, well it was more like 00:03, without any queues, we were able to enter the realm :o

I’m not sure what I expected but it was chaos but also epic af. I rolled a Dwarf Priest so here I was trying to get a piece of the wolf meat pie along with 1000s of other dwarves and gnomes. I guess layering hadn’t really set it yet, or the layer was just huge:

Dwarf starting area

Dwarf starting area

Ok so now we’re in, first things first, let’s get create the guild! I thi...

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Only one week to go!

We’re so hyped! There’s only one week left till launch, 7 days, 13 hours and about 40 minutes at the time of writing this post, to be precise. We have reserved our names and are ready to jump in! Of course we’re not the only one, thousands of other players have already created their character and Blizzard says if enrollment holds as it is, one of its realms would face “login queues in excess of 10,000 players … and possibly much higher than that.”

So to make sure everything goes smoothly at least on our end, we have been taking the necessary preparations to get the guild up and running. We have done the runs to Stormwind and Ironforge to see how quick we can get to the Visitors Center to get our charter...

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Well met!

Lions Pride Inn

As classic approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and grow our guild.
We are an Alliance semi-hardcore social guild. If you’re looking for a fiendly guild where you can raid every now and then and participate in guild related events, this is the place for you!

The guild was founded by a veteran vanilla World of Warcraft player, guild master and raid leader for MC, Onyxia, BWL and ZG. Our main goal is to create social interactions with friendly people and to <inspire> others to do the same. We like to play with other people who enjoy the game and help others understand their class, guide them in quests and help them with whatever else they need help with.

Our core philosophy is to have fun and to respect eachother, to be helpful to other pla...

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